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Netapp storage

NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management.Transform the data management of your digital enterprise with the fastest unified all-flash storage system.

  • Accelerate your speed of business : Realize new business opportunities made possible by flash. Delivering dramatic performance increase over the previous generation, AFF A-Series systems complete nearly twice the work at half the latency.
  • Transform your data center economics : Eliminate performance tuning. Get flash for the price of disk, thanks to inline data reduction technologies—including innovative data compaction with the first all-flash array to support multi-stream-write (MSW) SSD technologies and high-capacity 15TB SSDs.
  • Deploy flash everywhere with maximum flexibility : Integrate AFF seamlessly without creating silos. Move data where it runs best with software-defined access to flash—now with an even simpler software-encryption option.

                                              Netapp data protection model

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